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Global ADAS market players LG and Mercedes partner to create automated car technology

The global ADAS market, or Advanced Driving Assistance System, is an increasingly competitive market with the top players all trying to gain a competitive edge that will improve their market share. Two of the major companies in the global ADAS market, Mercedes-Benz and LG, have worked together to create a concept car that utilises LG's Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) and Mercedes-Benz's expertise in automobile manufacturing.

The futuristic concept car was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The car itself will be able to sense when the driver is getting sleepy and may be in danger of falling asleep at the wheel. Biometric systems installed in the car will monitor the eye movements of the driver and if they become erratic or slow down the car will take over control of the steering and trigger the automatic braking system, ensuring the driver is kept safe as the car stops.

"Autonomous vehicles will be commonplace and socially accepted in the cities of the future," Mercedes said in a press release "With the new luxury-class interior concept, the car of the future will be more than purely a means of transport - rather, it will become a variable and private area of retreat in increasingly dense urban traffic."

The car created through the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and LG will not be fully automated, unlike the self driving Google car, as the driver can regain control by touching either the steering wheel or pedals. Although the global ADAS market is only in the early stages of growth, if the market keeps growing at its current rate there is potential for many lives to be saved, as there will be less accidents and collisions on the road.

Global ADAS market
Global ADAS market

Panasonic Corporation entered into the global ADAS market in April 2013, by establishing Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems. This relatively new company now controls 3.3% of the global ADAS market and is placed 14th among all companies in the market. LED Lighting Solutions and Rear View Monitors are the main products that Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems manufacture and have helped them reach US$610mn in sales in 2014.

One of Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems key competitors in the global ADAS market is Delphi Automotive, which control 0.8% of the market with total sales of US$150 million in this market in 2014. Delphi Automotive have the 19th highest sales in the global ADAS market.

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