Global Virtual Protest Platform The Wistaverse Launches $WISTA Token to Maximize Activist Impact

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The Wistaverse’s $WISTA Token allows for quick and easy real-time monetary support of virtual demonstrations

London, UK, May 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Wistaverse (, the first global virtual protest platform with real impact that is going live in The Sandbox open metaverse, today announced the launch of its $WISTA utility token to support the platform and the virtual activists using it. The $WISTA utility token will not only power the Wistaverse experience, but raise decentralized funding during protests from the community to further maximize actions and impact. 

$WISTA is built on the fast and low gas fee Polygon blockchain, which makes it easy for individuals to participate in the protocol. The Wistaverse will allow community members to use their voting power to amplify donations using the treasury funds, which will be continuously fed by a 0.5% tax on all transactions and the sale of avatars and other purchasable items within the ecosystem. 

“The last few years have been the best and worst of times for activist movements. Best in the sense of actual activity and raising awareness, but worst when it comes to participant safety and access. The Wistaverse allows for that safety and access while augmenting social causes through the benefits of a shared metaverse supported by a powerful fundraising mechanism like the $WISTA token,” said The Wistaverse founder Grégoire Laugier.

Powered by $WISTA, The Wistaverse code will eventually become completely decentralized, immutable and unstoppable, just like Bitcoin. Its decentralized treasury will provide a central pool for funding protests and platform development, fueled by a 0.5% fee for transactions on the platform.  There will be an initial circulating supply of 22,680,000 $WISTA to use for The Wistaverse community and operations. Ultimately, there will be a total of 42,000,000 $WISTA tokens, with the post-launch supply (19,320,000) vesting linearly over the following 18 months to the $WISTA community and operations.

The $WISTA token will also allow for a fair moderation system permitting randomly selected $WISTA holders to ensure that no events taking place go against its security guidelines of “no incitation to violence, no racism, and no sexism.”

“The term ‘safe space’ is often used disparagingly, but the fact is that, for many participants, in many countries and communities, such literal space safes are required to express opinion and dissent without coming to harm. The Wistaverse allows for the safety of self-expression, while also expanding access to those who cannot physically participate, and marrying activism with the crowdfunded resources needed to carry on that activism,” said The Wistaverse co-founder and COO Jules Alcazar.

The Wistaverse aspires to be a safe and non-violent forum for protest that is compliant and responsible. When needed, the platform will be using zero-knowledge proofs that can confirm, but do not reveal, users’ identities, ensuring that no violent or extremist organizations can misuse the platform to raise funds. The Wistaverse is a forum to educate the public about causes, host appearances by influencers and speakers, organize and fundraise for actions, enable participation in and carry out mass virtual protests, and provide safe and non-violent alternatives to those who cannot participate in real life.

The Wistaverse is currently available on The Sandbox. For more information, visit:

About Wistaverse
The Wistaverse is a multi-platform protocol and the first virtual, global platform for protest in the metaverse. The protocol uses blockchain as a shared tool for democracy. It is permissionless, censorship resistant, self-sustaining, and free from government interference. The $WISTA utility token raises decentralized funding during protests from the community for the community, to fuel its actions and impact. A fair moderation system will allow randomly selected $WISTA holders to ensure that no events taking place go against its security guidelines of “No incitation to violence, no racism and no sexism.” The Wistaverse is built on Polygon and currently available on The Sandbox.   
The Wistaverse is a voice for all in a world that is becoming ever more controlled by surveillance and in which democracies are increasingly fragile. At the same time, it is compliant just as it is an enabler of responsible protest.


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