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GlobalData Plc: Carbon Fiber Making its Way into Vehicle Manufacturing – A Key Automotive Material Market Trend

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GlobalData UK Ltd
GlobalData UK Ltd

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer or carbon fiber reinforced plastic is a strong, light, and expensive composite material or fiber-reinforced polymer

LONDON, June 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For some time, the automotive industry has been under pressure to change the way it designs and builds vehicles, due to factors such as the increasing impact of passenger and pedestrian safety requirements and the competitive intensity caused by globalization and manufacturing in low-cost economies. Furthermore, governmental pressure in Europe and North America to reduce CO2 emissions has prompted vehicle makers and their supply base to develop automotive technology to meet those strict emission limits. Consequently, more vehicles are incorporating components aimed at mass reduction, parts consolidation to reduce assembly costs, and more efficient recycling. The vehicle makers’ need to improve overall fuel economy in vehicles has led to the trend toward minimizing vehicle weight. The use of performance materials such as high-strength steel and aluminum is on the rise and heavier traditional materials, such as steel and iron, are being replaced whenever possible.

The Automotive Material Trends Market Research Report offered by GlobalData Plc provides a comprehensive overview of the global body material trends sector, major suppliers, top 14 markets, technology trends, and market size forecasts. The intelligence report concentrates on forecasts on the five main materials used in vehicle manufacture, namely steel, aluminum, plastics, iron, and glass. Other innovations and applications are reviewed in the Technologies section of this report, including the use of carbon fiber in vehicle manufacturing.

Main Materials Used in Vehicle Manufacturing

  • Steel

  • Iron

  • Aluminum

  • Plastics

  • Glass

Although aluminum content in cars is increasing, albeit slowly, we should expect to see significant inroads emerging over the next few years. Aluminum is being used in a variety of vehicle manufacturing applications, including body panels and wheels. In addition, some vehicle makers are switching from traditional iron blocks for engines to aluminum construction. Although not as durable as iron, aluminum is lighter thereby boosting fuel economy. The automotive market has lately become the largest and fastest-growing single market sector for aluminum producers.

For more insights on material trends in vehicle manufacturing, download a free report sample

Material Technologies

  • Carbon fiber

  • Coatings

  • Magnesium

  • Organic materials

For some time, carbon fiber has been used in several applications in aerospace and marine fields. Carbon fiber reinforced plastics have now been drawing the automotive industry's attention as their lightness and strength can help the fuel efficiency of vehicles. However, the time-consuming work required to produce the materials is a drawback. Since carbon fiber is stronger, tougher, and lighter than steel, it can help increase fuel efficiency due to its lighter weight. Indeed, as carbon fiber is ten times stronger than regular-grade steel yet only one-quarter of the weight, carbon fiber composites used as automotive components are expected to reduce vehicle weight. Consumers benefit from lighter-weight vehicles with better fuel economy and all the safety benefits that come with vehicles of greater mass.

For more insights on automotive material technology trends, download a free report sample

Automotive Material Trends Market Overview

Key Materials

Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Plastics, and Glass

Key Material Technologies

Carbon Fiber, Coatings, Magnesium, and Organic Materials

Automotive Material Trends Market Report Scope

This report contains an overview of the automotive sector along with detailed related component forecasts, supported by information drawn from GlobalData's extensive range of sources.

Reasons to Buy

This report has been extracted from GlobalData's regularly updated online Automotive Intelligence Center. Containing content, tools and services not found in this report, GlobalData's AIC offers a cost-effective multi-user car market research solution.


What are the key materials used in vehicle manufacturing?

The key materials used in vehicle manufacturing are steel, iron, aluminum, plastics, and glass.

What are the key material technologies in focus in the automotive market?

The key material technologies in focus in the automotive market are carbon fiber, coatings, magnesium, and organic materials.

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