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A growing number of organizations are implementing zero trust to accelerate their digital transformation

LONDON, June 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zero trust is a strategic approach to secure infrastructure and data that necessitates all users, whether in or outside an organization’s network, to constantly be authenticated, authorized, and validated for security configuration and posture before providing access to applications or data. Zero trust can be achieved both ways, with or without the integration of blockchain technology.

As the world goes more digital, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrations, traditional perimeter-based security models are no longer sufficient to address the growing cybersecurity concerns. The zero-trust approach arguably enables organizations to be better positioned against the major reasons for security breaches (such as user impersonation, password reuse, and stolen credentials) by evaluating numerous pieces of information to confirm one's identity before granting access to the network.

The Zero Trust Market Research Report offered by GlobalData highlights the factors driving and challenging the implementation of zero trust, regulatory scenario, and the future potential of zero trust in the coming years to secure cloud-native applications.

Advantages of Zero Trust Security

  • Identity Management

  • Focus on Safer Data

  • Better Compliance and Visibility

  • Secure Network

  • Reduced Breach Impact

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Key Subsets of Zero Trust Security

  • Privilege access management

  • Endpoint monitoring, detection, and response

  • Network detection and response

  • Vulnerability management and patching

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Major Industries Adopting Zero Trust Security

  • Financial Services: To encrypt data and prevent lateral movement of hackers

  • Healthcare: To verify users to better protect patient identifiable information

  • Telecom: To secure access and connectivity to cloud-native businesses

  • Transportation: For cloud-based connected security suite offerings

  • Others: To securitize remote data centers and eliminate data breaches via machine-to-machine access

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Zero Trust Market Overview

Key Advantages

Identity Management, Focus on Safer Data, Better Compliance and Visibility, Secure Network, and Reduced Breach Impact

Key Subsets

Privilege Access Management, Endpoint Monitoring, Detection, and Response, Network Detection and Response, and Vulnerability Management and Patching

Major Industries

Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecom, Transportation, and Others

Zero Trust Market Report Scope

  • Technology Decoding: presents the need for a zero trust model, challenges addressed by zero trust, definition and major advantages, comparison between traditional security model and zero trust model, illustrative zero trust architecture, prominent use cases, and active startups and enterprises.

  • Media & Trend Analysis: highlights the presentation of zero trust from the media perspective – major news and lauds from social media promoting the technology. It also includes mentions of web zero trust in company annual filings and hiring trends.

  • Investment Radar: outlines the total investment trends, prominent acquisition initiatives, venture capital investment trends, leading investors, and corporate investors and investees

  • Innovation Explorer: introduces game-changing company innovations with a spotlight on startups, select corporate partnerships inclined at future product developments

  • Patent Landscape Analysis: provides a broad-level analysis of the trends in patent filings and grants, technology leaders, filing trends by technology and industry, priority countries, and some interesting patents of zero trust from corporations and startups.

  • The Road Ahead: summarizes the drivers and challenges, strategies to address challenges, regulatory landscape, implementational challenges, potential use cases and new concepts emerging, and outlook

Reasons to Buy

GlobalData’s FutureTech Series Reports are aimed at capturing futuristic technologies which have the potential to disrupt tomorrow. These technologies are constantly changing, adapting, and progressing to enable a paradigm shift in our daily lives. The awareness, knowledge, and expertise of these topics help transform business models and strategic thinking with an in-depth understanding of megatrends that can directly influence patenting, collaboration, acquisition, and investment decisions.


What are the key advantages of zero trust security?

The key advantages of zero trust security are identity management, focus on safer data, better compliance and visibility, secure network, and reduced breach impact.

What are the key subsets of zero trust security?

Some of the key subsets of zero trust security are privilege access management, endpoint monitoring, detection, and response, network detection and response, and vulnerability management and patching.

Which are the major industries adopting zero trust security?

Some of the major industries adopting zero trust security are financial services, healthcare, telecom, and transportation.

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