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Goat rental? CFOs reveal odd employee expense claims

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A survey of chief financial officers reveals Canadian workers are becoming increasingly creative when it comes to their expense claims.

A goat rental fee, cowboy boots and bricks are among the oddities reported to Robert Half Management Resources.

The U.S. consulting firm surveyed more than 300 Canadian CFOs at companies with 20 employees or more. The number of inappropriate reimbursement submissions has increased by 58 per cent over the last three years, according to the results.

Here’s a list of bizarre items employees attempted to expense:

  • Speeding ticket

  • Carnival costume

  • Cowboy boots

  • Renting goats to cut grass

  • Taxes

  • Daycare

  • Pet sitting

  • Cat food

  • Cleaning bill to remove dog excrement

  • Toys

  • Ice cream mixer

  • Bricks for walls

  • Lawnmower

  • Popcorn maker

  • Embezzlement expenses

  • A live octopus — for a pet, not food

  • Hot air balloon rental

  • A day at the spa

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