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Goldman Sachs’ EMEA tech chief on her evolving role and encouraging more women to code

Lara O'Reilly
Executive Producer
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    Glad to hear she is supporting her staff in programming roles. We are short of good programmers and need to be thinking about the quality of the code holding our infrastructure together. From what I have seen if we don't get a move on we will have really major problems.
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    Coders need to know, intimately, the products they are coding for. I don't think her coders would be of much use in the Nuclear Engineering industry.
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    "there were only really two options for a budding computer programmer: the city, or the Ministry of Defence."
    I am speechless as to how wrong this statement is.
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    Tick box exercise again!
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    Actually i'd like to call on women to do LESS code.
    Just speak plain English to give us men a bloody clue as to what they mean and actually want!
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    HaHaHaHa - how does such a vapid person get to £m non-job at GoldenBags?
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