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Google's new style-matching service allows you to shop for clothes people on the street are wearing

Chelsea Ritschel
Google's Style Match lets you shop other people's outfits (Google)

With a new app from Google, finding outfit inspiration will no longer require hours of scouring the internet.

The new shopping feature, Style Match, was just announced as part of Google Lens and it will change the way you shop.

The concept is simple - if you see something that you like, you can point your camera at it and your phone will then show you the same item, or similar items, to purchase.

And once you find the exact dress you saw someone on the train wearing, you can purchase it through Google Shopping.

The app works in real-time by using image-recognition technology - meaning you can purchase a pair of shoes within seconds of seeing them on your coworker’s feet.

You can also see reviews of the item before you purchase, as well as different items in a similar style.

According to Google, Style Match also works on home decor.

Style Match simply requires you to point your camera at an item (Google)

This isn’t the first fashion-matching app - the app ScreenShop offered a similar shopping experience when it was released last year.

However, Google’s version is the first to be built directly into the camera - meaning “you’ll be able to browse the world around you, just by pointing your camera.”

When you don’t have the words to describe the jacket you saw someone wearing on the street into a search bar, Style Match can do the work for you.

Currently, the Google Lens app is only available on Android phones and Google Assistant.