Graphic: EU treaty and Eurozone crisis deadlock explained



In the last two weeks David Cameron has vetoed the latest EU treaty and George Osborne has ruled out contributing British money to a €200bn fund to stabilise the Eurozone area. But is Britain really the lone holdout of Europe?

Although Britain is the only country to outright reject the new treaty, other countries (shown on the map above marked "Maybe") like the Netherlands, Ireland (OTC BB: IRLD - news) and Sweden are either sceptical about the new pact or lack the political clout to push through ratification without further consultation or even referendums.

The Czech Republic and Hungary have both asked for more time to consider the proposals, and Slovakia has a general election early next year with pre-election campaigning expected to be heavily focused on the new treaty.

The core supporters of the treaty and bail-out fund are France and Germany, with Portugal, Italy, Spain and Greece having very little choice but to support the proposals.

Explore the map above by clicking on each country to see background information about their level of support for the treaty and bail-out fund.