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Greek takeaway market led by Pizza Fan with a 30% value share

Alex De Angelis

The Greek takeaway market witnessed an overall value sales drop in 2012, while transaction volume witnessed only a relatively mild drop.

Greek consumers are becoming much more price- sensitive and concerned about value-for-money, while choosing to socialise more at home.

The recession continued in Greece during 2012, with this prolonging the negative effects on unemployment rates, income levels and consumer confidence.

In this climate, consumers reduced their expenditure on foodservice altogether, even though less so on takeaways in comparison to other categories.

Frequent offers and value deals from businesses were among the key reasons for the relatively better performance, even though in total, the drop in value sales was inevitable.

Pizza Fan SA continued to dominate the Greek takeaway market in 2012, recording a 30% value share of the industry.

The company managed to open two new outlets in 2012, one in Athens and one in the city of Patra. With its large number of outlets in Athens and presence in almost every major Greek city, which reached a total of 61 in 2012, it maintains the leading position in its field.

The recession is set to continue influencing the future performance of all foodservice operations, with Greek consumers faced with rising unemployment, repossessions, tax rises and cuts in social spending, among a host of other austerity measures, as the government struggles to address its budget deficit.

As spending will continue to fall, particularly in non-essential goods, this will have a significant impact on the performance of the Greek takeaway industry.

Chains are expected to suffer the most, as they are generally less competent to absorb sudden changes in consumer preferences, and falls in consumer demand.

Taken as a whole, the Greek takeaway market is expected to continue to experience reduced footfall and lose out to the fall of consumer spending power through 2017.

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