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Green Tea Is The Smoothie Addition You've Been Overlooking

Green smoothie with leaves on top
Green smoothie with leaves on top - BaYaoPix/Shutterstock

Fruit smoothies are a refreshing way to begin your day. The bright, creamy drink is a jolt to the system, although sometimes we certainly wish they had the kick that coffee does. If you need a little more energy from your daily smoothie but still want that fresh taste, add green tea to your smoothies.

Every smoothie needs a splash of liquid to help it blend well and go down easily; coconut water or almond milk may be your top choice, but green tea is an ingredient that will make your smoothie even more refreshing. Green tea has a small amount of caffeine in each cup, which is enough to give you a slight boost without having to face the energy crash that comes with coffee. It's also known to be filled with antioxidants, improve cognitive function, and lower blood pressure.

Aside from green tea being such a powerful superfood, it has a herbaceous, clean flavor that makes smoothies taste a lot more fresh. To get the best flavor from green tea, steep it for three minutes; any longer and it'll take on a bitter taste. You can also use bottled green tea. Green tea can also be prepared the morning you make your smoothie; just allow it to cool down for a few minutes and add some ice cubes to ensure the smoothie is cold.


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What Smoothies Should You Add Green Tea To?

Two green smoothies with straws
Two green smoothies with straws - Fcafotodigital/Getty Images

Green tea is grassy, mild, and flowery, so you may be inclined to pair it with floral-like fruits. Stone fruits like peaches or nectarines provide all the sweetness you could need while maintaining the bright nuances found in green tea. Raspberries or blackberries also bring a floral-like flavor, as well as a bit of tartness that balances green tea's bitter undertones.

The tea is also good for balancing richer flavors like the ones in this tahini smoothie with cardamom and dates recipe. The blend of tahini, dates, and bananas can be quite rich, so a splash of mild green tea cuts through the headiness while maintaining the sweet flavors of the smoothie. You can still use milk with this smoothie and freeze green tea in an ice tray to add a cube or two to the blender in the mornings.

If you're a hardcore green smoothie drinker, green tea is the ideal base for a crisp and gingery green juice or smoothie. The green tea simply bolsters the bright, herbaceous flavors in this juice, adding the extra benefits of antioxidants and caffeine to the blend of kale, spinach, and green apples.

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