Groom kicks younger sibling out of wedding after their post-ceremony speech: ‘A joke like that is not cool’

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A man made a joke at his brother’s wedding and promptly got kicked out of the ceremony.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. The Reddit poster met Abby when she tutored him in high school. Abby went on to marry his brother, John, a decade later. Here’s the kicker. After five years of marriage, John had an affair, divorced Abby and married his new girlfriend. It was at John’s second wedding that things got heated.

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“Abby and John got married and had a kid together,” the Reddit poster wrote. “Five years later, John tells me that he’s getting a divorce because he’s met someone new. Then he tells me he had an affair with his new girlfriend. I told him he shouldn’t have hurt Abby like that, but whatever,” the poster wrote.

“Two months before the wedding, Abby calls me and tells me that my brother’s girlfriend has been harassing her nonstop. She showed me the texts, and his girlfriend was saying some pretty disturbing things about how she’s so much better than Abby, taunting Abby for having to share custody of her kid now, etc. Just making fun of her and bullying her.”

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When he confronted John about his fiancee’s behavior, nothing seemed to come of it.

“I told my brother about this, and he said he would ask his girlfriend about it,” he explained. “A month later, I asked him if he ever brought it up, and he said he did but saw ‘nothing wrong’ with the texts, which pissed me off. Abby apologized for involving me in the whole thing in the first place and encouraged me to still go to the wedding, where my brother asked me to make a speech,” he wrote.

“The speech went well until I made a joke. The gist of the joke was me turning to his new wife and telling her that if she’s learned anything from this, she should know that my brother ‘will never let his wife stop him from finding the love of his life.’ This got my brother and his wife really mad, and they kicked me out shortly after. My brother has been calling/texting me nonstop, yelling at me.”

While Redditors understood the poster’s feelings, his joke got mixed reactions.

“A joke like that at a wedding is not cool. The best way to have shown you were pissed at him would be to not go to the wedding or decline to give a speech,” a user commented.

“You know how vigilantes are technically in the wrong, but we all cheer them on anyway?” another wrote.

“Was he right? Probably not. Was it well deserved? 1000%,” someone added.

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