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Half of people ‘already planning overseas holidays in 2022’

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Around half of people are already planning overseas holidays next year, a survey has found.

Spain topped the intended destination list, followed by Greece, France, Italy, the United States and Portugal, according to American Express.

A fifth (20%) of people had already started making bookings. Among those who have not yet booked, the most common reason was that they are waiting to see how the coronavirus pandemic progresses.

People were expecting their holiday to cost £1,567 on average, with a fifth (21%) planning to spend £2,000 or more.

More than two-fifths (44%) of people surveyed are planning to go on holiday both in the UK and abroad.

Among those planning a UK holiday, a third (34%) enjoyed a holiday in the UK this year and would like to again.

Cornwall and Wales were the top UK destinations where people intend to travel.

Some 2,001 people were surveyed across the UK, of which 996 were planning to go on holiday abroad in 2022.

People planning to travel overseas would be wise to check the latest Government travel advice and check what their travel insurance policy does and does not cover in terms of coronavirus.

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