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This Handy Gadget Is the Secret to Efficiently Coring Bell Peppers

Amy Schulman
·2-min read
Chef'n QuickCore Pepper Corer
Chef'n QuickCore Pepper Corer

If your drawers are already overflowing with a fleet of kitchen gadgets and tools, making the argument to invest in yet another tool that only has one purpose might be an uphill battle. But if you happen to cook with and eat a ton of bell peppers, you're going to want to hear about this time-saving gadget.

The Chef'n QuickCore Pepper Corer on Amazon easily and efficiently removes pepper cores, along with all those pesky seeds. No more will you have to dig in the crevices to pop out one seed stuck in the corner—instead, just press the corer into the top of a pepper, twist, and pull. The corer will remove the stem, core, and seeds in one fluid motion.

Built with sharp stainless steel edges, the corer can effortlessly carve through peppers without leaving behind a mess. The Amazon's Choice tool makes meal prep and mise-en-place a breeze, getting the job done quickly and saving you both time and extra effort. When you're done working, just toss the corer on the top rack of the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

"I love eating raw bell peppers, and this handy gadget has been a real time saver," one Amazon shopper writes. "[It] removes the core to make slicing up peppers much more efficient. Two thumbs up for this ingenious kitchen gadget!"

To buy: $13;

For anyone who's living on stuffed peppers this winter, you're definitely well-versed in how tricky it is to accurately core each pepper without breaking the skin. Even those who make fajitas once a week or simply prefer a snack of pepper wedges know how tedious it is to remove all those runaway seeds with a paring knife. This handy corer is the solution to all your sticky seed problems.

"I am a kitchen gadget person, but honestly most of the time they prove to be silly or useless," another shopper shares. However, for this corer, "my rating is five stars. I wish you could see the look on my husband's face when he saw me pull this out. He was rolling his eyes and making fun of me, but then grabbed it to play. It is amazing how it works."

Once you've tested this gadget out for yourself, it's quite possible you'll never pull out a knife to core that bounty of peppers again. You can shop the Chef'n QuickCore Pepper Corer for $13 on Amazon now.