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Harju County Court approved the compromise agreement signed with OÜ Kalaport


Harju County Court approved on 10 January 2023 the compromise agreement signed on 5 January 2023 by AS Baltika subsidiary Baltman OÜ and Kalaport OÜ, which ends the legal dispute between the two parties regarding the lease agreement for the Ivo Nikkolo store located at Suur-Karja 14 in Tallinn’s old town, which began in early 2021. The content of the dispute is described in more detail in the stock exchange announcement published by AS Baltika on 9 February 2021 and the information related to the compromise is disclosed in the 6 January 2023 stock exchange announcement.

With the compromise, both Kalaport OÜ and Baltman OÜ mutually waived all claims and Baltman OÜ will continue to fulfill the lease agreement, taking into account the differences agreed in the compromise, from 01.02.2023. The parties have agreed that the terms of the compromise agreement are confidential.

Brigitta Kippak
Chairman of The Management Board, CEO