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Comment: Harry and Meghan may soon find media businesses tire of their appeal

PA Archive/PA Images

Netflix says it’s keen on collaborating with Harry and Meghan, following on from Apple and Disney, who’ve already worked with them.

As the streaming giant's chief executive Ted Sarandos puts it in today’s papers: “Who wouldn’t be interested?”

This gives the couple hope, we hear, that they can pursue careers in media like Barack and Michelle Obama, who have a production partnership with Netflix.

The Obamas’ first show is American Factory, an Oscar and Bafta-nominated documentary about the culture clash faced by a Chinese company struggling to make a success of a manufacturing plant in Ohio.

It’s a brilliant, thought-provoking globalisation fable, worth watching for anyone interested in business, globalisation and the future for blue-collar western workforces.

The show's forensic incisiveness reflects the intellect and varied life experiences of the producers.

So, to the royal couple.

Not only are the Sussexes less blessed in the brains and worldliness departments than the Obamas, but they can’t spill the beans about the one story they have that does interest the public – the Buckingham Palace soap opera.

Which means the risk is, after an initial surge of curiosity, viewers will move onto the next celebrity influencer.

The media giants will follow them off into the distance. Better get those TV deals nailed down fast.