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Here are the UK's top 25 highest-paying companies

Edmund Heaphy
Finance and news reporter
The highest-paying jobs have been revealed. Photo: Press Association

Swiss financial services firm Credit Suisse (CS), German enterprise software giant SAP (SAP), and Deutsche Bank (DB) are the UK’s highest-paying companies, according to a new survey by job review website Glassdoor.

Median annual compensation at those firms, which includes base salary and bonuses, is reported to be around £90,000.

The list of 25 companies is dominated by tech and finance firms. Internet giants Google, Facebook, and Microsoft all feature on the list — as do UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley.

“This report reveals that the UK’s highest paying companies are offering staff between £61,000 and £90,000 as a median total compensation package,” Glassdoor said in a statement.

The company, which commissioned the survey of more than 700 adults in the UK earlier this month, allows people to look up salaries for specific job titles and companies.

“It is no surprise that multinational tech and finance firms dominate the list, given that both industries compete fiercely for talent, especially when it comes to tech roles,” said John Lamphiere of Glassdoor.

But Lamphiere noted that while salary and bonuses “get people in the door,” it is “culture and career progression that help people stick around in the long term.”

Glassdoor’s companies with the highest salaries in the UK

  1. Credit Suisse (median total annual compensation of £90k)

  2. SAP (£90k)

  3. Deutsche Bank (£89.5k)

  4. Facebook (£89k)

  5. Standard Chartered (£85k)

  6. Salesforce (£85k)

  7. Dell (£84.8k)

  8. Oracle (£80k)

  9. UBS (£79k)

  10. Google (£78k)

  11. Goldman Sachs (£74k)

  12. Cisco Systems (£72.3k)

  13. McKinsey & Company (£70k)

  14. Bank of America (£70k)

  15. Microsoft (£68k)

  16. Investec (£67.5k)

  17. Just Eat (£66.5k)

  18. Société Générale (£66.5k)

  19. Babylon Health (£65k)

  20. BlackRock (£65k)

  21. Morgan Stanley (£64k)

  22. Veritas (£62.5k)

  23. Rackspace (£62.5k)

  24. Octopus (£61.5)

  25. Bloomberg L.P. (£61k)