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High school student went on a series of cold emails and ended up as a millionaire’s assistant: ‘Living the life of Portia from white lotus’

Eileen (@Eileeninvests) is a graduating high school senior who now has a job as a personal assistant to a millionaire simply because she began cold-emailing.

With her subtle video, viewers were shocked she was able to secure a position like this.

“Living the life of Portia from white lotus,” replied @m_corrales.

Eileen became interested in real estate last summer, so she began to look for opportunities at nearby brokerages to get a foot in the door. She explained how the process wasn’t that difficult for her, as she simply introduced herself and offered her assistance in their offices.

“Make sure to include something that you can offer them in the email,” she said. “They’re not gonna take some random person on the internet.”


Eileen’s skill was taking and editing photos and videos for the company, which was a need for the small firm.

According to her, the most common response people should expect when cold-emailing is no response. Nevertheless, the more emails you send can create opportunities.

In Eileen’s case, Alicia Soekawa, CEO of The Collaborative, responded and gave her a chance to intern for the company. She’s been interning at the company for four months — unpaid — but has a bigger opportunity coming this summer.

“This summer, she was like, ‘OK, I trust you, and I’m going to hire you as a paid personal assistant,’” Eileen said.

Although she’s getting paid now, Eileen is not concerned about the money.

“I’m not getting paid a crazy amount to do this,” she said. “It’s more so about the connections that you’re building.”

With several people under her original video and follow-up asking how she was able to get this done, Eileen ended her post with a simple directive.”

“Anyone can do it. You just have to put yourself out there.”

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