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High schooler seeks help from ‘FBI agents of TikTok’ to find a version of a ’00s tube top her mom had — and it works

One TikTok creator enlisted the help of “FBI agents of TikTok” to find details about an early aughts tube top she saw in an old photograph, and to her surprise, it worked.

On Aug. 10, high school senior Belle (@ilovemymanhehe) posted a seven-second video on TikTok in which she shares a photo of her mom in a baby pink tube top with a large flower graphic.

“Pls help me find this tube top my mom literally had 20 years ago im obsessed with it and need to find a dupe,” she writes.

Just one day later, on Aug. 11, Tea (@teabby), a 21-year-old thrifter from Southern California, stitched her own video with Belle’s, revealing that she, in fact, has the exact top Belle is in pursuit of.


In just over a week of posting, Tea’s stitched video has more than 5.6 million views and 684,300 likes.

“Girl, I got you. It’s literally right here too,” Tea says as she grabs the same top but in orange from one of her drawers. “Here is the top. This is the back. It’s vintage Charlotte Russe. I think it’s ’90s or early 2000s.”

Gen Z gravitates toward thrifting and sustainable fashion and is inclined to purchase garments from the ’90s and aughts that are as nostalgic as they are on trend. Pieces from Charlotte Russe, a San Diego-based mall retailer that was founded in 1975, have appeared in many “vintage” fashion hauls posted by Gen Z creators on TikTok.

The tube top, in particular, was a mainstay for girls in the ’90s and early aughts, as demonstrated by Belle’s photograph of her mother, largely due to its prominence in celebrity culture.

“In the ’90s and early aughts, the midriff-baring top and low-slung baggy pants became the It-girl combo, spearheaded by musicians ranging from TLC to Britney Spears — albeit with varied aesthetics (tomboy glam for TLC; sweet and girly for Spears),” wrote CR Fashion Book.

On Aug. 13, following the traffic from her previous video pertaining to the once mysterious tube top, Tea shared additional items from her “vintage” Charlotte Russe collection. Her “honorable mentions” also include pieces from Forever 21 and Wet Seal.

‘Girls helping girls warms my heart’

Fellow creators on the app are sharing their thoughts about the now confirmed Charlotte Russe top in Tea’s comment section. Belle’s pursuit of the top and Tea’s revelatory information about it have many users feeling nostalgic about the staple pieces they had in their own wardrobes back in the day.

“I be looking for some of my old staples too,” @darko_333 wrote.

“Girls helping girls warms my heart,” @ciara.fh commented.

“I’m am FLOORED that it’s not limited too,” @yabbadabbs wrote, referencing early aughts “tween” retail store Limited Too, which closed in 2009. Tea replied, “don’t make me bring out my leopard limited too mini skirt.”

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