How Katie Price made £45 million

Four autobiographies, perfume, jewellery, calendars, clothes - when it comes to cashing in on celebrity few can match the former glamour model

Say what you like about Katie Price but she’s made self-publicity into an art form, and a lucrative one at that.

She certainly knows how to throw a wedding. Her Easter extravaganza was her fourth nuptials, and second this year. The skilled self-promoter decided her first wedding to stripper Kieran Hayler in the Bahamas in January wasn’t enough so the pair tied the knot for a second time at a Willy Wonka-themed bash in Weston-super-Mare on Good Friday.

But if you think the former glamour model is all boobs and no brains, check out her bank balance.

Depending on which estimation you believe, Price is worth anything up to £45million.

Starting out

Since bursting on to the modelling scene with, as the Daily Mail once put it, “a décolletage that defied both the laws of biology and physics”, Price, aka Jordon, has been raking it in.

The 34-year-old mother-of-three made her mark on the glamour industry aged just 18 and quickly realised there was money to be made by selling merchandise featuring her name. Since then she’s put her moniker to everything from clothes and perfume to equestrian equipment.

But despite the – ahem – enhanced physique, Price is on a never-ending mission to educate the public about the “real” her and selling her life story as often as possible has proved to be a money-spinner.

In 2002 director Richard Macer spent six months with Price, following her through photo shoots, nights out, and even announcing her pregnancy. Macer made three documentaries: ‘Jordan: The Truth About Me’, ‘Jordan: The Model Mum’ and – in case you hadn’t been paying attention so far – ‘Jordan: You Don’t Even Know Me’.

But it was her appearance on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2004, featuring her getting to know Australian singer Peter Andre in the jungle, which ultimately propelled her from tabloid fodder to super-stardom.

Katie and Peter in the Australian jungle

Capitalising on notoriety

Their turbulent relationship was documented on the reality show ‘When Jordan Met Peter’ in November and December 2004, shortly after the pair left the jungle.

Andre became husband number one when the couple married the following year. The pair sold the rights to their wedding to OK! Magazine for a cool £1.75million and the Katie & Peter franchise started coining it in.

Katie Price certain third marriage to Kieran Hayler will last, determined to prove people wrong

Latest Katie Price wedding pictures

 Latest venture: Katie Price 'Set To Release Maternity Range'

A never-ending raft of reality TV shows followed: ‘Jordan & Peter: Laid Bare’, ‘Jordan & Peter: Marriage and Mayhem’, ‘Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter’, ‘Katie & Peter: The Baby Diaries’, ‘Katie & Peter: Unleashed’, and so it went on.

The shows documented the couple’s marriage, celebrity life both here and in the US and the arrival of their two children Princess and Junior (Price also has a son, Harvey, with footballer Dwight Yorke).

Katie & Peter’s marriage ended in tears and the couple split in 2009. But if you thought you’d hear the last of either of them, it was time to think again.

End of a relationship, not a franchise

Predictably Price turned to reality TV to tell her side of the story. Programmes such as ‘What Katie Did Next’ focused on her life after Andre and her next marriage to cross-dressing cage fighter Alex Reid. Again, their wedding rights were sold to OK! for a cool £1 million.

But, the curse of OK! struck again and the marriage was ultimately doomed, lasting less than a year. Ironically Price blamed Reid’s “desire to promote himself” for the split (while dating Price, Reid won Celebrity Big Brother and went on to marry reality star Chantelle Houghton following his divorce from Price).

But despite the failed relationships (Price has also dated Dane Bowers, Warren Furman, Teddy Sheringham, Dwight Yorke, Gareth Gates and Leandro Penna) she is a shrewd businesswoman.

Katie Price launches KP Rocks at the Worx studios (Lia Toby/

More than reality

As well as laying her life bare on reality shows, she has put her name to clothes and jewellery as well as raking in cash from calendars and perfume. She’s had deals with household names such as Asda, Superdrug and Argos, been the face of Foxy Bingo and also found time to launch her own fashion label, Day 22, in February 2011.

Latest venture: Katie Price 'Set To Release Maternity Range'

Katie Price: I'm a rich chav

In 2009, Price was number 12 on the Sunday Times Young Rich List (for people under 30s) with wealth of £30 million, up five places on the year before; an entry on the main Rich List at some point in the future is not out of the question.

She’s had her own company since 2003. Jordan Trading Ltd was set up to control the sales of calendars and other merchandising. The latest accounts for Jordan Trading, of which Price is the sole director, show the company has assets of just under £1 million.

Another company owned by Price is KDC Trading which owns KP Equestrian. Horse-mad Price set up the company, which sells items such as an £80 diamante bridle, in 2008.

Writing her own profit

Another key income stream for Price is books. Although her first autobiography ‘Being Jordan’ only secured a £10,000 advance from publisher John Blake, the book has sold well over 1 million copies since its launch in 2004.

Rival publishers were keen to sign Price as a new author and Random House has published a series of hit books under Price’s name, albeit written by a ghost author. Price came up with the characters though, including Angel, a former glamour model from Brighton who loves horses. Ring any bells?

Despite being just 34, Price has written four autobiographies including ‘A Whole New World’ in January 2006, ‘Pushed to the Limit’ in February 2008 and ‘You Only Live Once’ in October 2010.

By 2009 Price had earned an impressive £21.8 million from books, putting her in the top 100 bestselling authors of the decade alongside the likes of JK Rowling and Enid Blyton.

So what’s next for Price? She’s currently expecting her fourth child, her first with new husband Kieran. And as for what happens after that, you can bet we’ll get to hear about it.