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Criminals can buy your personal data for less than £800

Your payment card and other financial information can be bought for just under £620. Photo: Martin Keene/PA Archive/PA Images

Your entire personal identity can be purchased online for less than £800 ($982), research shows.

Criminals can access your bank details, online shopping profiles, social media, and email information, for just £744.30, according to MoneyGuru’s research into the value of logins for 26 of the most commonly used accounts available on the dark web.

This includes usernames, passwords, email addresses and any personal details associated with the account, such as your name, address and phone numbers.

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The data shows someone’s credit card, debit card, online marketing and PayPal login information can be bought for about £619.40.

Details for Airbnb, British Airways, Uber and Expedia accounts cost as little as £26.40.

Meanwhile, Apple ID, Netflix, Spotify, Tidal and Steam account information is easily purchasable for £27.90.

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A mere £21.90 can earn someone access to your emails and communication accounts, such as AOL, Gmail, Hotmail and T-Mobile.

And social media accounts, including Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, among others, can be bought for £18.40.

Deborah Vickers at Money Guru said: “Our research into personal data and how much it's actually worth on the black market is shocking to say the least.

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“It just goes to show how vital it is to protect your data where possible to avoid facing costly consequences.”

Official data shows that while the amount stolen from a UK fraud victim is often small, in almost quarter of cases, it can result in between £500 and £40,000 being lost.