How not to sell your home...

A home stuffed full of tacky memorabilia could deter potential buyers

Upon first appearances this semi-detached house in Crosby, Liverpool looks just like any other family home.

But in fact, the property is stuffed to the brim with chintzy trinkets and ornaments that suggest the owner has a bit of a hoarding problem – or at least a serious addiction to TV shopping channels.

Each room has been on the receiving end of the unique interior style. The back garden has been covered with so many pots and outdoor lanterns that it could even pass as a mini garden centre at first glance.
However, the large collection of curiosities is probably why the home has reportedly been left languishing on the market for more than a year.

Seen from the outside, the home looks ordinary (Rightmove)

Every spare surface is taken up with ornamental flowers, dogs and photo frames (Rightmove)

Every spare inch is crammed with candle holders, lamps and, yes, more flowers (Rightmove)

Thanks to a healthier property market, the number of sellers who have been forced to drop asking prices has declined over the past two years, according to Zoopla. Fewer than a third of homes for sale have slashed the advertised cost, compared with two-fifths of vendors in 2011.

But the owner of the home stuffed with gaudy possessions has cut the price from £350,000, when it was first listed in October last year, to the £299,950 it is currently asking, reported The Huffington Post.

It seems the seller has forgotten the golden rule of de-cluttering to give a home an improved sense of space.

So we're thinking a quick clear out would probably do more to boost the home's desirability with potential suitors than slashing the cost any further... 

The owner can't be accused of not sticking to a theme

More than enough cushions to go round (Rightmove)

The garden could pass as a small outdoor shop