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Hypercent, a Kadena Eco Grantee, Unveils NFT Marketplace Powered by Marmalade Standard


Bucharest, Romania, March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hypercent today announced the launch of their NFT marketplace built on Kadena’s Marmalade NFT standard. Hypercent is a Kadena Eco grantee. The first NFT collection available on Hypercent will be Alpha Slayer’s Club, a collection of over a thousand NFTs. This collection is curated by Hollywood actor and NFT connoisseur, Cameron Bright.

Hypercent’s platform is built around the social trading concept where collectors can go beyond trading, and follow each other’s profiles, collections, purchases, and even discoveries. To provide an unprecedented discovery experience, Hypercent created a “search while type” feature based on NFT traits. The user can type “necklace” and see all the NFTs carrying that trait. This feature will unlock the user experience and allow a more intuitive search process.  Hypercent’s proprietary token $HYPE will have multiple use cases in the marketplace.

“With so much interest in Proof of Work NFTs like Bitcoin Ordinals, this is the best time to launch an NFT Marketplace on Kadena,” said Andrei Popa, Co-Founder of Hypercent. “We invite all the projects who waited on the sidelines for a Marmalade-based marketplace, to launch their collections on Hypercent.”

The marketplace will feature a host of NFT collections on launch, including the Alpha Slayers Club, a collection of 1650 NFTs that serve as access to an exclusive community. Owned by Hollywood actor and NFT connoisseur Cameron Bright, the collection provides users with access to an exclusive Discord with crypto researchers and personalities. Users can also gain early access to sales, new information as well as countless connections across the industry.

“The Alpha Slayers team and myself are thrilled to be a part of the first fully functioning NFT Marketplace built on the Marmalade standard,” added Cameron Bright. “We have always believed in the Kadena ecosystem along with the possibilities of what Marmalade brings to the NFT industry, with on chain royalties and interop, we can bring our projects and communities to other blockchains while still being based on a truly scalable and decentralized network!”

The Marmalade standard provides the complete infrastructure to launch and run a next-level NFT marketplace. It offers on-chain royalties, high-quality provenance, no gas fees, and shared ownership that can span platforms. Unlike other standards, Marmalade provides on-chain traits for NFTs, allowing their metadata to be written directly on-chain instead of it only being written in the IPFS file. Kadena developed the Marmalade standard to allow their ecosystem partners access to a level of technology that rivaled their Pact smart contract language. Pact, Kadena’s smart contract language, was built for interop, making it safe to call other contracts. A ledger holding liquidity pools can now be used safely by multiple exchanges, allowing a single PolyFungible NFT ledger to service the entire market. Because ERC ledger standards do not include records of where and how transactions were executed, each market is effectively a black box. With Marmalade, marketplaces expose standard interfaces, allowing tokens to safely transact across platforms – and even create new forms of hybrid markets. The development of Marmalade was done in conjunction with Kadena advisor Dr. Stuart Haber – the co-inventor of blockchain and the most cited author in Satoshi Nakamoto’s renowned 2008 Bitcoin white paper.

About Hypercent 

Hypercent is a multi-token DeFi economy that is operated completely on the Kadena blockchain, serving as a launchpad for verified projects and assisting new developers with onboarding. Started in 2016, Hypercent works to foster community support for projects launched on Kadena, giving them an easy and fair way to swap tokens with the Hypercent Wallet. Through the use of their HYPE and Stardust [STRDST] tokens, Hypercent provides allocation to support IDO launches and promote an active marketplace.

NFT Marketplace:




About Kadena  

Kadena believes in the potential of blockchain to revolutionize how the world interacts and transacts. To realize this vision, Kadena has reimagined blockchain technology and its connective ecosystem from the ground up. Our multi-chain architecture and complementary tools are designed to make blockchain accessible for everyone – at speed, scale, and with energy efficiency previously thought unachievable.





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