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Iceland Is Launching A Reese’s Cheesecake And It’s All Too Exciting!

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What’s the best dessert in the whole wide world? It has to be cheesecake, right? Sure – we love Eton Mess, and chocolate fondants are da bomb. But cheesecakes just hit different, right?

So, when we heard about this new cheesecake turning up on the scene, we jumped for joy. Like, literally – we jumped out of our chairs and squealed.

The cheesecake we’re talking about is this Reese’s one, which combines our three favourite things: peanut butter, chocolate and cheesecake!

The Reese’s cheesecake is described as being a Reese’s peanut butter cheesecake on a chocolate cookie crumb base covered with a chocolate glaze.


So, the good news is that this bad boy actually exists. The bad news is you can’t get your hands on one just yet.

According to @johns_snackreviews, the Reese’s cheesecake will be available in Iceland and Food Warehouse stores in the not-so-distant future.

Just remember, guys – good things come to those who wait…

Another cheesecake treat on our radar right now are these Fruit Salad and Black Jacks Mini Cheesecakes. Yup – you read that right… Iceland has launched mini cheesecakes that have been inspired by Barratt’s iconic sweets.

Now, we feel pretty darn excited by the Fruit Salad ones, because they’re described by Iceland as being “mini baked Fruit Salad flavour cheesecakes on a biscuit crumb base”. So, basically a raspberry and pineapple flavoured cheesecake, which sounds pretty yummy, tbh.

But the Black Jacks ones we have more of an issue with. But maybe that’s just because we’re not that keen on Blacks Jacks, as a rule.

You can pick up these mini cheesecakes in Iceland now and Food Warehouse now for £3 a box.

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