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Ichimoku will utilise high-throughput and low cost transactions using Shibarium Network

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London, UK, May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ichimoku (ICHIMOKU) token will launch on Binance Smart Chain on 11th May 2022. This allows the project to begin operations prior to the upcoming launch of Shibarium Mainnet where Ichimoku will migrate to after launch.

The upcoming launch will take place on the Unicrypt launchpad on the 10th May 2022, 1 day prior to launching on PancakeSwap Decentralised Exchange. The token has already been formally accepted as official payment methods for Shibarium.News and

The lead developer Ichigo made the following statement:

“Once Shibarium Mainnet goes live in a few months, we will move the token from Binance Smart Chain over to the Shibarium Network. This also means that we will move from Pancakeswap to ShibaSwap V2 later in the year. There is no point us launching on Ethereum as the gas fees are too high, so it makes sense for us to launch on this low cost chain before migrating to our final destination, since Shibarium is also a EVM compatible chain once we migrate, current holders won’t need to do anything other than add Shibarium RPC to metamask.”

You can find more information on the Ichimoku token at the following external links:



CONTACT: Media Contact: Ichigo Adosoh Phone: +4477782099238 Email: ichigo -at-

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