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iCloud Mail down: Apple service not working as users unable to send or receive email

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 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Apple says that its iCloud Mail service is not working, potentially meaning people could be missing emails.

“Users may be unable to send, receive or access mail,” a warning on Apple’s system status page reads.

All other services are still functioning as normal, according to the same page.

The problems come on a major day for outages. They were reported amid ongoing problems at Instagram, where users were unable to refresh their feed or access the app at all.

iCloud Mail – which is separate from the Apple Mail app on iOS and MacOS – is one part of a vast suite of products offered by Apple as part of iCloud. It also includes storage for files, notes, calendars and reminders, and tools that keep tabs and passwords in sync across different devices.

Apple has been looking to boost iCloud Mail in recent years, as part of a more general push into online services. New additions include the option to use the service for corporate or business email addresses, which is expected to arrive with iOS 15 later this year.

That will be part of the company’s new “iCloud+” offering, which will cost the same as the existing paid-for service. That will also include a tool called Private Relay that hides web traffic to make it more difficult to follow people around the web, and a Hide My Email tool that lets people use specific aliases instead of giving away their personal email addresses.

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