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IKEA launches Sustainable Living Shops in UK stores as part of eco push

·3-min read
Photo credit: ermingut - Getty Images
Photo credit: ermingut - Getty Images

IKEA will launch new Sustainable Living Shops in UK stores to help customers live more eco-friendly lives at home.

Launching ahead of the COP26 summit in Glasgow (31st October - 12th November), it comes as research from the Swedish retailer discovered that more than half of Brits aren't taking action against climate change because they find sustainable products too expensive. Meanwhile, 26 per cent said the uncertainty around jobs has made them more conscious about where they spend their money.

While eco products may appear more expensive on initial glance, research suggests that unsustainable living can actually be more costly. In fact, the average adult in the UK throws away an estimated £395 of food each year — £21 billion as a nation.

IKEA's 'shop-in-shop' initiative, situated within UK stores, will focus on five key areas where shoppers can take action: use less energy, create less waste, reduce single use, care, repair, resell and recycle, and use less water. Not only will there be eco-friendly products to snap up, but the shops will also provide clever solutions, tips and advice that support easy changes in everyday life.

Photo credit: Mark Runnacles/IKEA
Photo credit: Mark Runnacles/IKEA

As part of its journey to becoming circular and climate positive by 2030, the flatpack giant hopes the new sustainable stores will encourage others to go green at home.

'Our homes and the way we live have a big impact on the planet. We want to show our customers that sustainable living can be affordable and convenient,' says Clare Rodgers, Sustainability Retail Operations Manager at Ingka Group.

Photo credit: Mark Runnacles/IKEA
Photo credit: Mark Runnacles/IKEA

'We know from our research that many IKEA customers want to live sustainably, but don't know how but they need support plus advice on what to do and they want it to be affordable. This shop is an opportunity to influence and enable more people to live a sustainable life and offer tips in how to reduce their climate footprint. With millions of IKEA store visits each year, we have the opportunity to reach a huge audience.'

Photo credit: Mark Runnacles/IKEA
Photo credit: Mark Runnacles/IKEA

Eco warrior Nureen Glaves, a public health nutritionist and chef from North London, estimates she has saved a whopping £15,000 over the last five years since being introduced to IKEA'S Live Lagom programme. First launched in 2015, it helps bring communities together to share tips on how to live more sustainability.

'Making small changes to the way I live and consume has made a significant impact over time,' explains Nureen. 'When it comes to food, I've started a three-step system, dividing meals into "classics", "restaurant inspired" and wildcard" – which has saved me a lot of money over the years.

'Classic meals should account for two to three dishes per week and are dinners your family know and love. Then, over the weekend as a treat I like to make what I call restaurant inspired meals – copying dishes you’d usually try out of home. Finally, wildcard meals are an option for the remaining days and are made up of whatever is left over, which drastically reduces how much I throwaway.'

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