IKEA launches twist on royal Coronation chicken recipe with meatballs

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IKEA has put a fun twist on its popular Swedish meatballs, revealing a chicken version to celebrate King Charles III's Coronation.

First created in 1953 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation, the four-step recipe combines HUVUDROLL chicken meatballs with a deliciously creamy curry sauce. While it won't be on the menu in the IKEA restaurant, shoppers can buy them in stores to make at home or serve at a street party.

'To mark the Coronation of King Charles III, we wanted to share our own take on the original Coronation Chicken,' Karen Hughes, country food Manager at IKEA, tells The Metro. 'In just four simple steps, anyone can enjoy a Swedish twist on a dish fit for British royalty featuring… you guessed it. Bon appétit or, smaklig måltid, as we say in Sweden.'

The Swedish retailer will also be hosting Coronation activities for the whole family until Monday 8th May, such as biscuit decorating.

Fancy making the Coronation chickenballs? Take a look at the recipe below. You'll also find a how-to video at the end...

IKEA’s Coronation chickenballs recipe


For the chicken meatballs:
• 500g HUVUDROLL chicken meatballs or plant balls

For the Coronation sauce:

• 200g mayonnaise (or plant-based alternative)
• 100g Greek yoghurt (or plant-based alternative)
• 2 tbsp medium curry powder
• 2 heaped tbsp mango chutney
• A pinch of cayenne pepper
• 1 tsp lemon juice
• 65g sultanas
• 40g dried apricots, finely chopped
• 1 tbsp chopped coriander


1. Heat the balls (chicken or plant) in a frying pan with cooking oil at medium heat for 8–10 minutes, turning regularly.

2. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, mix the mayonnaise (or plant-based alternative), Greek yoghurt (or plant-based alternative), curry powder, mango chutney, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, sultanas and apricots. Season to taste and add more lemon juice if needed.

3. On a plate, layer the cooked meatballs on top of the sauce.

4. Sprinkle on coriander. Serve hot or cold, and enjoy!

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