Information about shares issued by INVL Technology and votes granted

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INVL Technology
INVL Technology

Please be informed, that on 28 April 2022 INVL Technology (hereinafter – the Issuer) has transferred part of its shares – 128 units to the employees of INVL Technology's subsidiaries, who acquired the right to pre-empt realization of the option right under the basis and terms of signed option agreements. Considering this, the Issuer hereby announces the data on shares issued by the Issuer as of 28 April 2022:

Type of shares

Number of shares and total voting rights granted by the issued shares, units

Number of votes for the quorum of the General Shareholders Meeting, units*

Nominal value, EUR

Total nominal
Value and authorized capital, EUR

Portion of the authorized capital, %

Ordinary registered shares






The person authorized to provide additional information:
INVL Technology Managing Partner
Kazimieras Tonkūnas