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Instagram down for thousands of users globally

Instagram down for thousands of users globally

Instagram was down for thousands of users across the world on Wednesday, according to

The Meta Inc. owned social media platform was down for over 45,000 users early on Thursday, the outage tracking website noted.

About 2,000 users were from the UK, and over 1,000 reports each came from India and Australia, according to the website that tracks outages by putting together reports from a number of sources, Reuters reported.

Instagram would not load content, including posts from the feed and “stories”, with many users seeing messages such as “couldn’t refresh feed” and “couldn’t load posts”.

About 85 per cent of the users experienced outages on the platform’s mobile app while about 11 per cent reported problems accessing the Instagram website.

Nearly four per cent of the users who reported outages said they had issues logging into the platform, noted.

Reports of the outage started from about 1:30am GMT and peaked in the following hour with user reports gradually decreasing.

Several users across the world took to Twitter to complain about the outage using the hashtag #Instagramddown.

However many others have also reported being able to access Instagram during the outage.

Instagram is yet to confirm the outage.

Meta did not immediately respond to a request for comment by The Independent on Thursday.

The latest global outage follows a previous one in February that prevented users from creating new posts or stories.