Intercom device unveiled as new home security option for people in flats

Ring Intercom (Ring)
Ring Intercom (Ring)

Home security firm Ring has unveiled a new device that links to home audio intercom systems and enables people who live in flats to answer a door buzzer from anywhere via their smartphone.

The wifi-connected Ring Intercom is connected to the intercom handset inside a user’s flat and when linked to the company’s app, will allow them to answer the buzzer and have two-way conversations with whoever is at the door as well as let someone in no matter where they are.

Ring has grown rapidly in recent years through its line-up of video doorbells and home security cameras.

The company said the new intercom device would support contactless access via the Ring app to replace a key or fob used to enter the building.

Ring confirmed it would also support shared users – meaning multiple members of a household could use the system to enter the building as well as answer and interact with door buzzes.

Ring says the Intercom can be easily installed without any external or structural work required. (Ring)
Ring says the Intercom can be easily installed without any external or structural work required. (Ring)

An activity log within the app will provide an overview of missed and answered intercom calls, as well as show each time the door has been remotely unlocked to let someone in.

“We’re constantly inventing based on customer feedback and one of the most common requests I get from customers in Europe is for simple, affordable security options for apartments,” Ring founder and chief inventor Jamie Siminoff said.

“We reinvented modification-free, easy-to-install home security, with devices like Ring Alarm and Indoor Cam, and now Ring Intercom is the natural next step in Ring’s mission to make neighbourhoods safer for everyone, regardless of home type.

Technology in the home has to evolve to meet changing customer needs and busy lifestyles, and we’re excited to continue innovating with easy-to-use solutions for our customers.

“Ring Intercom puts the customer in control, improving secure building access for residents and visitors, while introducing the added convenience Ring customers know and love.

“By upgrading the functionality of their existing intercom, customers no longer need to stay at home for a delivery or leave guests waiting outside in the rain when they’re not home.”

The company said the Intercom will be compatible with most existing intercom systems, and is introducing a compatibility checker on its website, with the device going on sale in the UK on September 28 for £120.