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iPhone 12 could feature brand new, taller design, rumour suggests

Andrew Griffin
AFP via Getty Images

The new iPhone 12 could be longer and thinner than the existing iPhone 11 – but otherwise unchanged, according to a new report.

The rumour contradicts previous reports that the phone would undergo a more radical redesign this year. Some have suggested that the new phones could more closely resemble the iPhone 4.

But a new report suggests that the new models will look largely similar, retaining the rounded rectangles of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. The only obvious way of telling the difference will be new camera technology, the report from Macotakara claimed, citing sources in the supply chain.

The report contradicts a previous suggestion from reliable Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo, who has said that sources in the supply chain had indicated that the new phones could have more square bodies, in line with the old iPhone 4.

It will change size from the existing iPhones, the new report claimed. Each of them will get a little larger, with the biggest having a display of 6.7-inches, easily the biggest screen ever found in an iPhone.

At the same time, they will also get thinner than the existing models. The 6.7-inch iPhone 12 – the biggest of the three sizes, replacing the iPhone 11 Pro Max – will be 7.4mm, compared to 8.1mm in its predecessor.

The new phones are also expected to include an even bigger camera array than the three found on the iPhone 11 Pro, numerous reports have suggested.

Apple is expected to change the line-up of its new phones when they are released this September. Rather than two differently sized expensive models and a cheaper one in the middle, Apple is expected to release four different models, though in three different sizes.

All of the phones are expected to include LED displays, which will come in three different sizes: 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. But there will be two versions of the middle-sized phone, with one more premium than the other, reports have suggested.

That model, as well as the bigger iPhone, will include new camera technology that will allow the phone to sense depth, according to rumours. That will help with Apple's plans to introduce more augmented reality technology, by allowing the phone to sense the 3D makeup of a room.

The company is also rumoured to be preparing a successor to the cheaper iPhone SE – tentatively referred to as the iPhone 9 – which will borrow the design language from older iPhones but include newer components.

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