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iPhone 14 price rises in the UK – even as it stays the same in the US

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The price of an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro has increased dramatically in the UK, compared with last year’s devices.

Throughout Apple’s launch event on Wednesday evening, it noted that the price of the new phones were the same as the iPhone 13 models that they replaced.

But those prices were only the same in dollars. In the UK, prices increased dramatically.

The price of the iPhone 14 Pro has jumped to £1,099, compared with £949 for last year’s iPhone 13 Pro at launch. Similar increases came across the board.

The increases also mean that the phones are way above the dollar price they are offered at in the UK. An iPhone 14 Pro costs $999 in the US, equivalent to around £870, though that does not include taxes.

Apple’s prices have been gradually creeping up over recent years, when compared with the dollar prices, with the two reaching the same number around 2017. But the gap has never been so large, as the strength of the pound falls.

Apple did not give any information about why it had opted to increase the price in the UK, though commentators blamed a variety of factors from inflation to currency changes and Brexit.

The changes do not even apply only to the newly launched phones. The iPhone SE that was launched earlier this year cost £419 at launch – but is now offered at £449 on the Apple Store when its website went live after the launch.

Those changes do not appear to have happened in other countries such as the US, though prices in Euros also seem to have increased.

The new phones will open for pre-order on Friday morning and go on sale a week later. A variety of phone networks in the UK have already revealed that they will be stocking the phone, and are likely to reveal their monthly prices soon.