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ITV Hub not working: What to do fix any internet problems during the Euro 2020 England V Denmark match

·4-min read
 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

It can be as crushing as a last-minute goal, and as tense as sudden death penalties.

The whole of England will be with ITV Hub tonight, as it bears all the weight of a nation’s hopes to beat Denmark and progress to the final of the Euros for the first ever time.

For the most part, both BBC iPlayer and the ITV Hub have held up, despite the huge interest in the tournament. But some people have faced problems loading both, and ITV Hub infamously broadcast a repeated penalty to some football fans, instead of continuing with the match.

Given the high stakes of the game – and the pain and difficulty that any technical problems are likely to cause – it is worth

Luckily, there are a number of steps you can take. While they won’t guarantee there will be no issues, they do at least minimise the risk.

The first and probably most effective one is not to use the streaming services at all, and to instead to watch over a more traditional TV connection. That isn’t going to be an option for everyone, but it is a safer bet for those who can.

Those television feeds don’t suffer in the same way when more people are trying to watch, because of the way they are broadcast. They also have the advantage of being ahead of online streaming, meaning that you’ll avoid the awkward problem of hearing other people celebrating before you see a goal.

But if you do have to use online streaming, there are options you can take to make sure the problems are minimised.

The most important one is to ensure that it has a good connection to the internet. That can be improved in all the obvious ways – move it as close as possible to the router, plug it in if you can, and ensure that there aren’t a host of other devices fighting for space on the network.

You can find our full tricks for improving your internet connection here.

It might also be worth keeping any other streaming boxes plugged in, too, just in cases there are problems with one. If you can switch between various ones – our collection of the best is here – you might find that you can get away from any problems.

But none of that will necessarily keep you from having issues. If you do, however, there are solutions.

The first thing to establish is whether the problem is yours or ITV Hub’s. That can be done fairly simply, by checking whether people are reporting problems with the latter – have a look at Down Detector, and on Twitter, to see whether people are complaining.

If the issue is ITV Hub’s, as it was when that corner kept repeating, then there’s probably very little you can do. While it is worth following the tips below to give yourself the best chance possible, you might just have to keep refreshing and hoping that it fixes itself.

It might also be worth checking whether you can stream the channel from somewhere else. If you have a Sky box in the house, for instance, it might be able to share the feed from your TV to your phone, circumventing the need for ITV Hub.

But if the problem is yours, there are some quick and easy steps you can take.

The first is to see whether the problem is with your internet – you can visit a website like Ookla’s speed test which will let you know how fast your connection is. If it is slower than 1Mbps then it is probably the culprit, and you might be able to fix it by following the tips above, telling people to get off the internet, or just turning your router off and back on.

There might also be a problem with your computer, if you are using that to stream. It might help to clear your cache and cookies and turn your device off and on, which could have the effect of jerking the connection back to life.

If none of those fixes work, then the most likely problem is a slow connection to ITV Hub, or another issue that is difficult to resolve. As such, you might just have to keep refreshing and hoping – and cross your fingers that no goals are scored while your internet is misbehaving.

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