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Jennifer Roeleveld Will Be the 10th IBFD Professor in Residence

International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD)
International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD)

Jennifer Roeleveld IBFD Proffessor in residence

Jennifer Roeleveld is the first African woman to hold this prestigious professorial fellowship.
Jennifer Roeleveld is the first African woman to hold this prestigious professorial fellowship.

AMSTERDAM, Jan. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IBFD is pleased to announce it has named Jennifer Roeleveld, Emeritus Professor at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) its 2023 Professor in Residence. She will be the first African woman (and the 4th woman out of 10 professors holding that position) to hold this prestigious professorial fellowship.

IBFD is proud of establishing an even closer association with Prof. Roeleveld, who has developed a very productive academic partnership with IBFD during the past decade. The academic synergies between IBFD and UCT have contributed to enhance the levels and content of university education on international taxation with positive spillover effects in the African region, but also to increase the inclusive nature of research on international taxation.

As our Academic Chairman, Prof. Dr Pasquale Pistone puts it: “Her unparalleled experience as globally recognized top-notch expert of international taxation is also the source of pride for IBFD to support technical outstanding merits in line with our long-standing policy of promoting gender equality. From this perspective, Jennifer is an example for the entire academic community and a scholar with a remarkable curriculum.”

IBFD is confident that many other academics from developing countries will look up to Jennifer as a model for striving to pursue excellence in their scientific work and make this world more inclusive and better.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Jan Maarten Slagter, adds, “I join my academic colleagues in welcoming Professor Roeleveld, who has been a member of the IBFD ‘extended family’ for years. I look forward to working with her!”

“It is a real honour to be the next IBFD Professor in Residence. As a long-serving academic in South Africa, I have been involved in the supervision of Master’s and PhD students covering both South African and international taxation. South Africa has deep roots from Roman Dutch law and British law. Collaborating and sharing ideas with my European colleagues will be an exciting project,” said Roeleveld.

“The Professor-in-Residence programme enables researchers from different jurisdictions to deepen their intellectual ties and extend their global knowledge. I am looking forward to this special experience and trust the project will be beneficial to all.”

Jennifer Roeleveld’s research focuses on international taxation. Her recent scholarship has examined issues around ceasing tax residency, mobility of work, taxpayers’ rights and articles 27 and 17 of the IBFD GTTC.

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