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Jeremy Clarkson reveals what he really wanted to call his new lager Hawkstone

·3-min read
Jeremy Clarkson has spoken out on food security (PA Video/PA) (PA Wire)
Jeremy Clarkson has spoken out on food security (PA Video/PA) (PA Wire)

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed what he really wanted to call his new beer.

Hawkstone Lager became the UK’s best-selling beer on Amazon just eight hours after it launched this week.

The former Top Gear presenter, 61, who grows the barley on his own Diddley Squat farm in the Cotswolds said he started the brewery as a way to make money due to cuts in farming subsidies.

Writing in the Sunday Times, he joked that he originally wanted to call the company “Lager McLargerface” before settling on Hawkstone.

He said: “Choosing a name for it was the first problem. I wanted to call it Lager McLagerface.

“Or McFace for short. But one of my partners in the enterprise is an important London ad man, who said that McFace didn’t conjure up quite the premium image. He wanted the Milk Tray chocolates man parachuting into a schloss, not Begbie and a mega mega white thing

“Eventually we settled on Hawkstone, because there’s a neolithic standing stone of that name here in the Cotswolds. And it was the neolithics, 4,000 years ago, who invented barley farming. Weirdly, back then, they just ate it.”

Clarkson admitted that the most difficult part of creating his own blend was deciding how strong it should be.

His son urged him to go for strong alcohol content while his dry-stone waller said it should be as “low as possible”.

He wrote: “I consulted my 25-year-old son, who said that he favoured lots as he doesn’t have much money and wants to get as pissed as possible for the smallest possible outlay. Then I talked to my dry-stone waller and head of security, Gerald, who said that when he goes to the pub he likes to have a bath first and put on his smart clothes and it’s not worth doing that if he’s only going to drink a pint.

“He likes to have a good old natter with his mates and wants a gallon. So he wants the alcohol level to be as low as possible.

“Interesting dilemma. Who did we want as a customer? Gerald or my son? We decided on both and therefore settled on an ABV of 4.8 per cent. That sounds like a nice number to me. You’d certainly want a car with a 4.8-litre V8.”

Despite racing to the top of the Amazon best-seller chart, Clarkson admitted it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

He said: “We had a blind tasting in the summer and everyone agreed that our new lager was nowhere near as nice as the beer Rick and Emma had been making for years. So Rick went back into his room full of pipes and tanks and started again, and I’m not just saying this: now, it’s really good.”

Clarkson launched a TV show on Amazon Prime in June 2021 called Clarkson’s Farm.

In the series, Clarkson is taught how to run his own farm - called Diddly Squat Farm - by a group of local farmers and agricultural experts.

The show has since attracted a devoted following and a second series is in the works.

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