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Jesy Nelson says she felt ‘trapped’ for 10 years in Little Mix

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Jesy Nelson said she was left feeling “trapped” in Little Mix after comparisons to the other girls every single day for 10 years.

The No More Sad Songs singer admitted she felt uncomfortable when she was asked to wear a bikini for a video.

It was the “little things” which eventually took a toll on her mental health, Ms Nelson said.

She said on Reign With Josh Smith: “When it came to little things, like if we had to do a video and everyone had to wear bikinis and I didn’t want to wear a bikini because I felt like s**t, I couldn’t not.

“It’s just the little things like that, that would make me feel trapped. And it was just the constant comparison every single day that was hard and that eventually, after 10 years, takes a massive toll on your mental health.”

Ms Nelson has previously said a panic attack on the video shoot for Sweet Melody spurred her on to quit the band after 10 years.

Now she has gone solo following her departure from Little Mix last year.

It was her mum Janice who encouraged her to quit the girl band when the singer spiraled into depression.

On reflection, the X Factor star said her mum found it “hard” to watch her lose her confidence when she was at the height of fame.

She added: “She was like, “I think you really need to look after yourself now because this isn’t healthy.” And what’s s**t for my mum is my mum saw me as a barmaid who was very confident, who was always happy, to then go to someone who had no confidence, was down all the time, depressed.

“And that was really hard as a mum for her to watch… My mum does not care about money, fame, all of that s**t, she just wants me to be happy.

“So for her to see her daughter do something that she’s always wanted to do, but see her be so miserable, my mum was like, “Why are you doing this? You live once. This isn’t you. This isn’t the Jesy that I know. You’ve become someone I don’t even recognize anymore.””

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