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Jimmy Kimmel Gleefully Roasts Donald Trump Jr. for Getting COVID

Marlow Stern
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On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel took aim at one of his favorite comedic targets: Donald Trump Jr., the ne’er-do-well eldest son of outgoing President Trump.

In the past, Kimmel has called out the extremely online heir for spreading wacky conspiracy theories and overall idiocy, leading the two to lob insults at each other on Twitter and the Trump spawn to resurface old comedy sketches of Kimmel’s that he objects to in an attempt to “cancel” him, while at the same time whining incessantly about so-called “cancel culture.”

So you just knew that Kimmel would address Don Jr. coming down with COVID-19 this past week—a disease that his accused sexual harasser-girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle and accused serial rapist-father have also contracted.

“There are more new COVID cases in Trumpsylvania. Andrew Giuliani, son of Rudy and a special assistant to the president, has COVID, and this guy’s got it too,” offered Kimmel during his monologue.

He then threw to a clip Don Jr. posted to Instagram of himself announcing, “You may have seen it by now, but, uh, apparently I got the ‘rona.”

Apparently I got the ‘rona,” mimicked Kimmel, before joking, “Why do bad things keep happening to good people? I just don’t [know]. If you refer to it as ‘the ‘rona,’ you might not deserve to get the virus, but you deserve to get it more than anybody else does.”

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Later on, he poked fun at Donald Trump Jr. for repeatedly downplaying COVID-19, with the Trump heir saying last month on Fox News that the number of dead from COVID-19 was “almost nothing.” (1,952 Americans died on Friday from COVID-19, and close to 260,000 Americans have passed away from the disease thus far.)

“DJTJ will isolate for 14 days on his favorite stump,” joked Kimmel, throwing to the memeified photo of Don Jr. in the woods alone, awkwardly sitting on a tree stump and staring off into the distance. “You ever read the book The Giving Tree? Well, that terrible boy has come to life. It’s interesting that Donnie J got it, because just last month he said that the number of COVID cases was ‘almost nothing’—which also happens to be the title of his autobiography: Almost Nothing.”

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