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John McAfee Shills New Freedom Coin Ahead of Fall 2019 Launch

Gerelyn Terzo
John McAfee announced the launch of the McAfee Freedom Coin, which will make its debut in the fall of 2019. There will be no ICO. | Source: Flickr

By CCN: John McAfee is launching a new cryptocurrency that bears his name. The McAfee Freedom Coin will make its debut in the fall of 2019, according to the crypto maverick in a tweet. In true McAfee fashion, John is naming the coin after himself, but there are some surprising features, as well, and they mostly include what the coin won’t have. In his tweet, McAfee kind of killed the mood among his followers, or at least confused them, when he stated:

“No it is is not mined. No, we are not doing an ICO. No, we are not looking for investors. No, we will not be listed on an exchange. No, we will give no more information before release of white paper. Yes, this is real… Also, there will be no airdrops.”

Then why, pray tell, is he launching a cryptocurrency? He explained the coin’s mission to CCN, which appears to be tied to total “economic freedom.”

McAfee Says You’re Not Getting It

While there is no white paper yet, John McAfee did publish a one-pager on the new cryptocurrency that he wrote himself.

“The McAfee Freedom Coin is designed to confront the problem of exchange head-on, using a unique paradigm and a new structural concept. It is not based on any commodity nor is it connected to the value or behavior of any external item or entity. The value of the coin will always be zero in relation to any other currency yet it’s natural market value is free, completely, to grow.”

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