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John Oliver Gets Local Car Dealer To Produce 'Unhinged' Ad And It's... Um... Wow

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John Oliver was disappointed to learn that some local auto dealers have been making ads based on the same scripts from a single company rather than doing their own original spots.  

That, he said, is “a real shame, because at their best, local car ads should be unique and completely unhinged ― not franchised out, making nothing special anymore.”  

So, Oliver and his team wrote an ad of their own, to be given for free to just one auto dealer ― but only if the dealer agreed to produce the spot without reading that script beforehand. 

“I would argue that that was a hell of an offer on our part, and to be honest, quite a risk for someone to take on,” he said. “Do you really think we could be trusted with a situation like that? Because I definitely don’t.”

Oliver said they had several takers ― and selected one to create an ad that probably isn’t what you’d expect from the “Last Week Tonight” team.

Oliver was off the air on Sunday night, but posted a video update on YouTube, complete with the entire ad that will run in Minnesota this week: 

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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