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Johnny Vegas reveals why his son doesn't join him on 'Gogglebox'

Julia Hunt

Johnny Vegas has revealed why his son doesn’t join him on Celebrity Gogglebox – he’s too shy.

The comedian, 49, has been chewing over the latest small screen offerings on the celebrity version of the Channel 4 show, but does so alongside his friend Beverley Dixon.

His son Michael does not appear with them and Vegas has now explained it’s because he doesn’t want to be on screen.

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Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Vegas said: “He's a 16-year-old in lockdown, he's wired in, he's got the headphones in.”

Johnny Vegas attending the Eaten by Lions Premiere held at The Courthouse Hotel in London (PA)

"He's actually quite shy, I think he is going through that self-conscious stage, which is a shame,” he went on.

"But all he does when we watch television together is I go, 'Look at that, it's ridiculous! Look at the state of that!'

“And he just nods.”

Johnny Vegas and son Michael at the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice European premiere in 2016 (Ian West/PA Wire)

Vegas – whose real name is Michael Pennington – shares his son with his former wife Catherine Donnelly.

He once said that he used to go on “benders” but that it had all changed when he had a child.

The Sun quoted him as saying: A friend of mine was saying, ‘You seem to be in the best place you’ve been.’

“I think it’s down to the marriage and my son has had a lot to do with me straightening myself out and getting my act together.

“I really like family time and quality time with him.”

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The star’s marriage with Donnelly came to an end in 2006. He married television presenter Maia Dunphy in 2011 and the couple welcomed a son named Tom in 2015.

Vegas is known for his comedy and television shows such as Benidorm and Home From Home.