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And Just Like That... Would Carrie Bradshaw really wear Forever 21?

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It's fair to say Sex and the City fans are expecting lots of surprises with the upcoming reboot, And Just Like That...

But one they probably weren't expecting, even before the show has been released, was to see Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw, in a dress from high-street chain Forever 21.

While filming the series in New York City last week, Sarah was snapped sporting a paisley print maxi dress, along with Terry De Havilland platform heels and carrying a Gucci x Balenciaga Hourglass bag.

However, when the image was posted on the Instagram account And Just Like That Closet, with the moderators suggesting the dress was from Forever 21, fans expressed their shock that Carrie would be caught dead ever wearing fast-fashion.

"No. Can't you let us dream a bit? Forever 21 is a no," one person wrote, while another added: "Not Forever 21, Carrie! Please don't be wearing fast-fashion, I beg you!"

Representatives for Forever 21 have not yet commented on the speculation.

Yet, the team at another Instagram account, Every Outfit on SATC, had a different explanation for the look, and claimed the dress in question is actually Raga's Avah dress, which originally retailed for $140 and was sold at Anthropologie in a different colourway.

"BRADSHAW V. FOREVER 21. Calm down, internet! There is a good chance that @sarahjessicaparker is NOT wearing a Forever 21 dress in this photo, despite many reports to the contrary," they wrote. "We were slightly sceptical of this theory from the beginning, because we can't imagine a world where SJP would see a Forever 21 dress hanging on a rack and not run screaming in the opposite direction. Sure, Carrie loves a bargain, but when she said that she was looking for the perfect $7 dress to go with her $300 shoes, she meant VINTAGE!"

While the true origin of Carrie's controversial ensemble remains a mystery, fans can at least be sure that her shoe game remains as covetable as ever.

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