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Just Stop Oil activists block roads in Islington on 22nd day of civil unrest

 (Just Stop Oil)
(Just Stop Oil)

Just Stop Oil activists blocked roads in Islington on what is the 22nd day of the group’s campaign of civil unrest this month.

According to the group, 20 supporters blocked cars on Upper Street and Islington Green at 12pm on Saturday. Over 500 people have so far been arrested this month due to the group’s campaign against all new oil and gas projects.

“I am taking action because it is my civic duty. I could no longer sit still and watch the world around me being torn apart, with millions suffering for the benefit of the few.

“Direct action is a necessity because marching and protests have achieved nothing. I have no future if we can’t grow food and find water to drink,” Pia Bass, 28, from London said.

The police said the roads were quickly cleared by officers with 17 people arrested for wilful obstruction of the highway.

A statement read: “Both carriageways of Upper Street are now clear of protestors and traffic is flowing again in both directions.

“Police have arrested 17 protesters for wilful obstruction of the highway. They have been taken into custody at a Central London police station.”

Sam Griffiths, 47, father and designer from London said of Saturday’s protest: “I started this when we hit 40°C for the first time ever in this country. It scared me and the lack of response from the media and Government scared me even more.

“I knew I had to step up and take action. I’m doing this for my boy. The Government’s toxic policies are trashing his future and that of all our children. We need to stop all new fossil fuel licenses.

“The state is corrupt and is actively destroying our stable climate and with that our future. It’s our duty to resist it and stand up for what is right.”

The group’s protests comes after the North Sea Transition Authority awarded 100 licences to extract oil and gas, with almost 900 locations being offered for exploration.

On Friday, Just Stop Oil activists blocked the junction of High Holborn and Kingsway.

The 22 activists sat down at 10.50am, with five of the group gluing themselves onto tarmac.

The Metropolitan Police responded within minutes to unglue the protesters stuck to the floor and said 16 were arrested on suspicion of wilful obstruction.

Previously, Just Stop Oil activists sprayed Harrods with orange paint and blocked the A4 near Barons Court Tube. In the aftermath, Transport for London won a court order to restrict the ability of protesters causing chaos by getting greater powers to act.