Keep an eye on the price momentum at Kainos

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Anyone familiar with stock market screeners will know that shares in Kainos (LON:KNOS) have been in an uptrend in recent months, with strong relative price strength on a 1-month, 6-month and 12-month basis.

Knowing exactly what drives relative strength in share prices (as well as how to find shares with good strength) can help you find profitable trading ideas.


Kainos's (LON:KNOS) recent share price performance

In terms of relative price strength the stock has performed well against the market over the past year:

  • 1 Month: 10.6%

  • 6 Months: 15.6%

  • 12 Months: 60.9%

Why does that matter? Relative strength is a useful tool for technical traders and investors, providing an instant measure of how a stock has performed in comparison with a benchmark.

Studies by leading experts on momentum show that stocks with the strongest price strength tend to keep up the pace for anywhere up to one year as investors increasingly buy in to them.

Finding shares with a given relative price against your local share index is best done with a screening tool, which helps you discover shares you may have never heard of.

Next steps

Kainos is currently among the stocks with the strongest six-month and one-year relative price strength in the market. A look at its StockReport could offer more insight into what’s driving the momentum in its share price - and whether that might continue.

To find more stocks like Kainos, you'll need to equip yourself with professional-grade data and screening tools. This kind of information has traditionally been closely guarded by professional fund managers. But our team of financial analysts have carefully constructed this screen - Stockopedia’s Price Momentum - which gives you everything you need. So why not come and take a look?