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City of London, May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- City of London, England -

Knowledge Train, a professional training and certification company, is delighted to announce the launch of their new Scrum Essentials online training course, which they pitch as an innovative way to learn about the popular Agile method known as Scrum. Agile methods are especially popular with the software development industry, with Scrum being the most famous and most used of those methods, which means it is common for professionals to want to be certified in Scrum to show they know how to use it.

Simon Buehring, the Managing Director of Knowledge Train, says: "Most Scrum training and certification is aimed at Scrum Masters or Product Owners. There is very little aimed at Scrum Developers. Also, we find that many organisations don't want to put their staff through a certification course, they just want them to learn the core aspects of Scrum. This course addresses that need and is a great way for organisations to train up their team members in Scrum." By providing an online course that teaches Scrum project management for the whole development team, Knowledge Train fills an important gap in the available resources for individual contributers who want to learn more about Scrum project management and how they fit into it.

Scrum Essentials Online Training Screenshot
Scrum Essentials Online Training Screenshot

While the course does not teach directly to Scrum certifications such as the Professional Scrum Master, Foundation Certificate in Agile Scrum Master, or Agile Business Consortium Scrum Master, it offers a unique, hands-on learning experience that can help anyone deepen their understanding of Agile Scrum Project Management as a way of advancing their careers. Organizations can also purchase courses from Knowledge Train for their employees, if they want their employees to learn more about Agile Scrum project management or any other topic offered by Knowledge Train.

The courses offered by Knowledge Train are designed to put the student into the shoes of a Scrum Master through carefully designed scenarios which increase the students’ engagement with the class and thus can help increase the amount the student learns. Mr Buehring also spoke on this topic, saying, “It is proven from research that scenario-based learning enables students to learn more quickly and more deeply than they would otherwise be able to do by using more typical types of e-learning. We wanted to provide an engaging and challenging way for students to learn about Scrum so we decided to invest the extra effort to create this scenario-based approach.”

The Scrum Essentials course, like all of the online courses available from Knowledge Train, was designed using best in class research principles for delivering effective elearning. With their highly immersive scenarios, students can learn from the Scrum Guide and by applying Scrum tactics to realistic situations such as those faced by actual teams using Scrum project management to guide their work. Mr Buehring goes on to explain the company’s reasoning behind these decisions, saying, “Many of the large online MOOCs actually deliver elearning in the cheapest way possible. Usually this just requires an instructor to talk in front of a video camera, sometimes with the addition of a PowerPoint presentation. Whilst this type of e-learning is quick to make, it doesn't lead to an engaging experience for the learner. We wanted to create something much better than this, and we believe we have managed to achieve this.” Knowledge Train has a mission of providing high quality education to professionals from all walks of life, and they believe they can make a difference by utilizing the best known techniques in elearning to teach their students about project management methodologies and more.

Readers interested in learning more about the courses available from Knowledge Train, either the Knowledge Train Scrum Essentials course or any of the other professional development courses they offer, can visit the company’s website for more information. The website covers all of their available courses, including both online and classroom-based training. Knowledge Train is located in London, England, and is committed to being an ethically run company.


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