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Kvika banki hf.: Kvika establishes EMTN programme for notes to be listed In Ireland

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Kvika’s base prospectus for the issue of foreign currency notes, to be listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange in Dublin Ireland, has been approved by relevant authorities. This is a Euro Medium Term Note programme that allows Kvika to issue notes in the equivalent amount of up to EUR 500 million in various currencies and at fixed or floating rates.

Marinó Örn Tryggvason, CEO:

“Access to foreign funding sources is an important factor in the growth and development of Kvika, creating opportunities for diversification of funding risk and pursuit of funding in new markets. A key prerequisite for such access are solid operations and a sound balance sheet, where Kvika’s profitable operations and increased financial strength following the merger of Kvika, TM and Lykill earlier this year have further strengthened Kvika as an Issuer. By listing a note programme on a foreign stock exchange, Kvika takes a significant step on its journey towards securing access to international credit markets and is now ready to issue foreign currency notes, which is expected in the first half of next year given favourable market conditions.”

A description of the GMTN Programme dated 21 December 2021 is available on Kvika's website,

For further information please contact Halldór Karl Högnason, Head of Treasury, tel: +354 540 3200.

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