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Kylie Minogue Reveals The One Thing Standing In The Way Of A Madonna Duet

Matt Bagwell
·Head of Entertainment, HuffPost UK
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Kylie Minogue has revealed the one thing that needs to happen for her to duet with Madonna.

A collaboration between the two pop queens is at the top of many pop fan’s wish list, and while Kylie is up for it, it all boils down to one important factor.

Speaking about the prospect of teaming up with Madge, Kylie told Metro: “I am as curious as the fans are. It would be amazing.

“The hard part is to get the right song and the right moment. Maybe any moment is the right moment… but the right song? One that’s in people’s imagination, mine included, because don’t forget I was a 14-year-old Madonna maniac. I was that kid.”

Kylie and Madonna (Photo: PA/AP)
Kylie and Madonna (Photo: PA/AP)

And if the duet with Madonna never comes off, there are other pop titans that Kylie would love to get in the studio with.

“Miley [Cyrus] is absolutely smashing it right now,” Kylie said. “I am such a big fan of Gaga. Her talent is phenomenal. She has done some cute things recently by urging people to vote in America. There are so many facets to her. The list would go on and on.”

Kylie is currently gearing up for the release of her fifteenth studio album, Disco, on 7 November.

She’ll also be treating fans to a streamed ticketed performance the following day.

‘Kylie: Infinite Disco’ promises to take fans “on a journey inside her imagination to another dimension... through a parallel universe from solitary isolation to an alternative euphoric dance-floor community of togetherness.”

Tickets are on sale from 9am on Wednesday 21 October from


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