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Labour to launch new policy-building project for post-Covid era

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Labour is to launch a new policy-building project which aims to “harness” the spirit of the British public’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

Sir Keir Starmer will say that the UK was “too divided” going into the pandemic as he sets out what Labour would do if elected into government, with the party hoping to rebuild support following last month’s elections turmoil.

Following criticism that voters did not know what the party stood for, Labour’s “road map” will cover six areas, including better jobs, a green and digital future and improved public services.

Sir Keir will address how he wants to reunite the country in a post-Covid era ahead of a visit to Airbus in Bristol on Thursday, where he will hear how staff used test aircraft to fly in personal protective equipment for frontline workers.

The Labour leader said ahead of the launch: “When the pandemic hit Britain was too divided.

“We were too fractured as a country after a decade of the Conservatives. That meant we weren’t as well prepared as we could have been, so the pandemic hit us harder.

“But the way the British people responded showed we can achieve incredible things when we come together: looking after our neighbours and communities, getting behind key workers, supporting local businesses, volunteering to help our NHS and supporting the vaccine effort.

“Labour wants to harness that spirit to start building a better future for everyone in Britain.”

Labour chairwoman Anneliese Dodds added: “The way our country responded to the pandemic showed the very best of Britain. It proved that we’re stronger together.

“That belief is at the heart of everything Labour does – and it’s central to the exciting, hopeful vision for Britain under a Labour government that this roadmap will begin to set out.”

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