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Lady Gaga Just Got The Shortest Fringe We've Ever Seen

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Photo credit: Presley Ann - Getty Images
Photo credit: Presley Ann - Getty Images

In a world of micro fringes we really thought we'd seen them all.

First there was that Blue Peter presenter (you know the one), but then more recently Lily Allen, Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid have all gone for the cost-efficient chop.

Now Lady Gaga has thrown her hair into the teeny-tiny fringe ring and never one to be outdone, hers is most definitely the shortest we have ever seen.

No, really, we're talking less than an inch here.

When we last checked in with Gaga she was looking a little less polished and lot more like us regular folk, sans make-up and with her hair piled on her head in a messy bun.

While we're still very much sporting the same look, Lady Gaga has had somewhat of an Audrey Hepburn makeup, complete with chic updo and cat eye sunglasses.

Teasing a new launch from her make-up brand Haus Labs, Gaga uploaded a boomerang of her putting her glasses on and off, revealing a stunning peachy gold eyeshadow which we're hoping is from an upcoming palette release.

Drool-worthy eyeshadow and matte nude lip aside, it was her tiny fringe that really caught our attention.

We're not great with measurements but surely that can't be longer than 1cm?!

On closer inspection, it's so short we don't even know if it's actually a fringe, or the ends of her hair crafted to look like one.

Either way, we're mesmerised by the entire thing.

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