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Landsbankinn hf.: Results of subordinated bond auction in ISK

Today, Landsbankinn concluded an auction of two series of tier 2 bonds.

On offer were inflation-linked and non-indexed bonds at a predetermined price, with a tenor of 10 years and a call option in five years and every interest payment date thereafter. Bond in the non-indexed series were offered for sale at a yield of 10.10% and bonds in the inflation-linked series at 4.95%.

In the non-indexed series, a total of 12 bids for ISK 2,180m were received. No bids were accepted.

In the inflation-linked series, a total of 33 bids for ISK 19,420m were received. Bids in the amount of ISK 12,000m were accepted.

Expected settlement date is 23 March 2023.