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Learn app development, software engineering, cloud computing, and more with this online course sale

Carlos Cadorniga

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The new year is here, so it’s time for everyone’s favorite pastime: publicly declaring unrealistic resolutions. Losing 100 pounds, cleaning out the basement, writing the great American novel that’s been bouncing around your head for 15 years — you can do them all! But, in case you're feeling a little more practical, here's something that’s more readily attainable and will immediately improve your career. Check out the eduCBA Tech Training Lifetime Subscription Bundle.

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This bundle will give you lifetime access to more than 800 courses and 1,100 hours of instruction in topics such as web and app development, software engineering, cloud computing, data analytics, and graphic design. It includes mock quizzes and tests for each topic as well as certificates of completion for each course you finish. Whether you’re an experienced coder or brand new to tech, these courses will help you level up your skills and apply them to your professional life.

The eduCBA Tech Training Lifetime Subscription Bundle normally costs $797, but you can get it for just $39, a savings of 95%.

Save 95% on the eduCBA Tech Training Bundle
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